Give your customers confidence by taking security and quality seriously. From pen testing, to performance and load testing, to the education of your staff, we collaborate and build a thriving security culture within your organisation.

Industry Challenges

The landscape is changing… but are you keeping up?

Consumer expectations. Increasing competition. Investor expectations and ever-tighter regulation. More and more people are turning to contactless and online services.

Cashless transactions are becoming the norm and businesses must meet demand.

In a sector where security and compliance is paramount, and where customers require confidentiality, integrity, and immediate availability of their personal information, it’s crucial that providers always stay one step ahead.

Cyber Security Assessment

Customer Case

Test Processes Development for a major Investment Management Company

The IT strategy of the client has a firm focus on the decommissioning of all legacy Oracle forms and reports. The client used the decommissioning strategy as an opportunity to implement their new technical architecture. The first project to adopt this new Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) was a third-party integration which would replace a large suite of oracle forms and reports. As the long-term test partner, the client looked to us to develop test processes which would effectively test the new technology in use, as well as test the product integration in collaboration with the business users and suppliers.

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