A new name with a new story to tell. From the expertise of Eurofins Digital Testing’s global software QA, cyber security, device conformance and media content QC practices, Resillion brings together 700 experts across Europe, US, UK, India and China with a commitment to driving success, deploying cutting-edge technology, and a passion for quality.

Resillion is a global quality engineering and cyber security partner from initiation to launch, with best-in-class technologies, leading solutions, and industry recognised services to support our clients throughout the digital lifecycle. By leveraging the latest technologies, an innovation-first mindset, and industry best practice, we are advocates for staying ahead of the competition and achieving strategic objectives.

The company delivers end-to-end solutions to support clients throughout their strategic digital initiatives offering a holistic offering across software and hardware.

Thanks to an invaluable pedigree across multiple different industries, we are proud to partner with leading brands to resolve issues and provide quality driven outcomes. We empower our clients from the world's leading organisations within the Media, Energy, Healthcare, Finance, and B2C industries amongst others, to deliver measurable business value and unleash their full potential.

Eurofins brought us together, and whilst we were all operating under the same parent group with a common goal, it was widely believed that our distinct practices would have more opportunities and more power in the marketplace as one organisation and one individual brand under the same, unified name.

To maximise growth, future opportunities, and harness the power of our combined expertise, in December 2022 Resillion parted ways with Eurofins to become its own independent entity. We are now in the driving seat of our own destiny.

As the world becomes increasingly connected and entwined, we knew it was time to embrace change. Our breadth and depth of expertise in areas such as different industries, technologies, and methods of testing, means we are better positioned to support innovation and digital journeys than ever before.

The Resillion name derives from our core strength: our resilience. We never give up, we are adaptable and welcome new challenges, coming out stronger and supporting our clients and employees along the way. We thrive on solving complex problems, finding solutions to whatever crosses our path, and making things work for ourselves and our clients. 

We demonstrate this in our logo:

Resillion Brand Shield Logo

The red represents us, bold and on top. We are always ready to find answers.
Then come the hurdles that we must overcome through our persistence
This is our goal – getting client projects the ‘green to go’. 

Mission Statement

As guardians of the connected world, we deliver best in class digital transformation, cyber security, and quality assurance solutions; enabling our clients to embrace and harness the power of the digital future.

Our Vision

To empower the connected world to be resilient, secure and seamlessly share data in order to enhance the end-user customer experience.

Our offering

Software Testing

World class quality assurance software testing company. Partnering with leading brands to deliver technological visions to market.

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Cyber Security Testing

Our experience, independency, locations and the range of services and engagement models make us a truly unique partner for your ever-changing and personalised demands for security.

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Device Testing

With our experience of delivering solutions for testing against multiple criteria we provide the best-in-class automated test tools for device conformance, functional testing, and performance testing.

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Media Content QC

Media Content QC

Digital content testing and quality control ensuring flawless media content for your audience.

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