As retailers and traders grow their online business, having dependable IT systems and software are key.

Can you retail operations really deliver to your customers?

Conventional retail is changing, heading towards online-only models – expedited by buyer behaviour in recent years squeezing the expected timescales for this move. E-commerce sites that had previously seen modest amounts of traffic now see increased visitors, putting pressure on the website, the supply chains, and logistics.

Websites are fundamental in daily life, so must be usable, adaptable, highlight immediate sales opportunities, flexible to change, and cope with increased traffic, whilst offering an enjoyable user experience that means clients will return to buy again.

We optimise your website and e-commerce solutions so that performance matches demand and expectations. Our Performance Engineering Service capability ensures your web traffic is kept under control, allowing positive management of times of high demand and effective eCommerce delivery.

Test automation helps you deliver innovative online shopping apps quickly with the assurance that they will function as they should, with our cyber experts ensure all your business, and data, is in safe hands.

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Performance Engineering

Our new Performance Engineering service advises on how to select the best technologies and configure them to design built-in efficiency and effectiveness, which can reduce business risk and create operational efficiencies in a vast range of applications and requirements.

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Remote Testing

Testlab offers a range of software testing solutions for legacy applications and new generation applications. With more than two decades as an independent Quality Assurance company, our specialist teams and innovative tools will help you deliver high-quality products compliant with legislation and specifications. When you engage our Testlab you benefit from cost-efficient working, access to certified testing profiles and physical test devices, test tools (for management, automation, and monitoring), a scalable test environment, and a flexible workforce.

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Test Automation

Introducing Test Automation to your testing process lets your testing staff focus on high-value, complex tasks such as defect investigation (and where their skills are useful for diagnostics) rather than on low-level repetitive tasks. Automation is also useful in proving product stability and compliance to requirements – where the precisely aligned testing process delivers consistent results.

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End-to-end Managed Test Services

Our Managed Services cover the complete service delivery lifecycle from the initial specification of requirements and use case definition, through to pre-production support and final project reviews. we pride ourselves on having the precise expertise to support and manage all test phases no matter what the underpinning methodology.

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Security Testing

Retail businesses rely on IT systems for stock control/EPOS through to websites. Almost by their nature retail business systems are important targets for cyber attacks and ransomware. That’s why you need to test your entire operations: from IT infrastructure through software systems, websites to connected devices. Ensure you are protected from outages due to malicious activity by talking to our retail cyber security experts.

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Customer Reference Case

Testing Partnership with a Large UK Retailer

This well know retailer was seeking a testing partner who could provide low cost, on demand testing services to support the retail aspect and e-commerce website of the business. They initially selected the test preparation and test execution for testing the MVP (minimum viable product) Cycle Scheme, which involved front end integration of testing API messages in which tests were derived from various business and technical documentation such as: business use cases, technical and design specifications and the involvement of utilising business and IT subject matter experts.

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Customer Reference Case

Our Accreditations and Certifications

Crest Accreditation Resillion
Check Penetration Testing
RvA L690 Accreditation
ISO 27001
ISO 9001 Resillion
CCV Cyber Pentest
Cyber Essentials

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