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Launching a new app or device? Need the assurance your product will work with other hardware and software? Then you’ll need software compatibility test services. Achieve the highest possible market coverage – get your device or app tested today. We’ll check your app or product’s conformance with standards and interoperability with  hardware, devices, software, operating systems, apps, network environments and more. Be confident your product will meet, and exceed, your end-user’s expectations.

Interoperability testing delivers products with a faster time-to-market and lower customer churn by providing an excellent user experience. Our interoperability lab is equipped with a large library of test assets including TVs, mobile phones, PCs, IoT devices and tablets.

Why perform interoperability testing with Resillion?

Extensive Test Asset Library

Regularly updated to reflect the latest market developments and products


Conducted by our expert QA engineers

Flexible Test Plans

Either off-the-shelf or a bespoke plan that precisely meets your requirements


Rapid and thorough debugging thanks to our unique, in-house methodology

Live Bug Tracking

Receive immediate updates on any issues discovered

Why choose Resillion as your digital product testing partner?

Lab Assets

• TVs and set top boxes
• Mobile devices
• Wi-Fi access points
• USB devices
• Matter devices
• HDMI sources
• Charging devices

Active Industries

• Media & Telecommunications
• Automotive & Mobility
• Government & Public Sector
• Smart Home
• Consumer Electronics

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Software Interoperability Testing

Smart TVs are now the norm for consumers around the world, driving the app market forward with released all the time.

With so many different types of Smart TV operating systems and broadcasting standards, knowing what to test your app against can be challenging. For successful deployment, you need the confidence that your app is stable and performs well in all cases, as well as:

  • Flexibility
    • Perform tests when needed
    • Extensive range of Smart TVs
    • Extended use-case library where you can add your own cases
  • Real Device
    • Get your app tested on real physical devices at our lab
    • Your own private device lab

Ensure your product performs over the set range of technical specifications, by using Resillion’s comprehensive services comprising a broad range of browsers, mobile devices, desktop & notebook, apps, TV Platforms, and more.

  • IoT Device Software: deliver quality, functionality, compatibility, interoperability, usability, performance, security and other characteristics, through manual, automated or blended test procedures.
  • Smart TV & Set-Top-Box Software: smart TV application testing and STB software testing verifies that all devices are free of functional, visual, textual, or usability issues.
  • Mobile Applications: test your mobile device (iOS/Android/Windows) against a wide selection of physical test devices (tablets and smartphones), different OS versions and hardware specifications using test automation or in a blended solution.
  • Web Applications: Test your web applications for quality, functionality, compatibility, usability, performance, security and other crucial features, utilising our extensive collection of physical test devices to ensure compatibility and interoperability.
  • Desktop Software: Desktop applications undergo thorough testing for interface operation and function, general functionality, load and backend performance.
  • Cloud & On-premise Services: both cloud-based software, hosted on the vendor’s servers and accessed through a web browser, and on-premise software, installed locally (on a company’s own estate) will be subject to test.

Hardware Interoperability Testing

Designed to help ensure a high-quality end-user experience where used, letting users enjoy digital content in a high-quality atmosphere. The interoperability test covers functional and performance tests with a wide variety of HDMI products.

Indispensable in daily life. For consumers, the quality of Wi-Fi defines the user-experience of digital devices such as smartphones, computers, and TVs. For companies, the quality of their Wi-Fi network is paramount for internal processes and services. Interoperability testing examines how well a Wi-Fi device (such as a modem) communicates with other Wi-Fi devices.

Your connected devices are assessed against the most used brands and popular devices on the market, ensuring the device exhibits compatibility, comparable with those typical consumers may use.

Focus on the wired network connectivity of your product, using an interoperability test pool that contains many network-connected devices, routers and switches. Resillion examines the functional behaviour of the devices when connected to different network topologies and devices, establishing network performance.

Tests can be performed against different profiles including HFP (Handsfree), A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution) and PBAP (Phone Book Access). With handsfree profile testing, we check if there is a correct displaying of calling, HF indicators, battery indicators and wideband speech support (WBS). With Audio streaming testing, we test the default music player applications.

Not forgetting device functionality such as including repeat/shuffle, fast forward/rewind, Play/Stop/Pause and check metadata – such as track information – is correctly displayed.

Gain detailed insight on how fast your products charge and validate their overall safety, including heat dissipation. The USB charging interoperability test helps assure you will release a high performance, user-friendly and safe product.

A balanced view on whether your USB product will function as expected with other compatible devices in the marketplace. Testing focuses on correct operation with a range of different USB Controllers/Hubs and Operating Systems, detecting any malfunctions that might occur when facing real-world situations.

Our Qi interoperability test will verify if your product works with a wide range of real-world Qi products as maintained by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), with the current product test suite comprising around 160 Power Receivers and 220 Power Transmitters.

Alternatively, have a pre-interoperability test, benchmarking your devices against the same official IOP test suite, using the same test procedure as during official testing. Custom testing services are also an option, against a limited set of testbed or specially-procured devices, or beyond the scope of traditional tests.

To pass the test, the product must prove interoperability with all products from the relevant product type’s test suite. The basic test will verify if charging can be initiated and maintained consistently, without any interruptions.

Matter certification badge

All Matter devices are tested for both performance and interoperability… Zigbee gateway, router or another -device. Testing can be adapted to meet requirements under test Near Field Communication (NFC).

Using our extensive library of NFC compatible devices, we undertake interoperability testing with your device from basic pairing operation to specific use cases.

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