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4K & UHD Digital Content Analysis

Ensure the ability to perform Master Quality Control and process and deliver content in all key formats. Our QC suites are equipped to perform HDR/Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos analysis, assuring the high quality you expect.

HDR: High Dynamic Range

As leaders in HDR technology, testing HDR content since its inception, Resillion is the first QC facility to be Dolby Vision Certified. We collaborate with content owners and technology companies at the forefront of the format, keeping on top of any HDR challenges.

Legacy Formats

Using highly skilled quality control operators who have the industry knowledge and experience, plus access to the latest equipment suites, we analyse and verify the most granular specifications, whether evaluating legacy formats (such as Betacam SR) or advanced digital formats such as J2K, ProRes and IMF packages.

Closed Captions / Subtitles & Metadata QC

We will undertake the quality control of closed captions files (in the formats SCC, CAP, ITT, TTML and DXFP) for timing, placement, and accuracy. We will further test the Dolby Vision metadata across multiple applicable master file formats to ensure adherence to studio specifications. Should any fixes need to be made, we provide editing of caption files and XMLs.

Post-Production Services

Covering processing and delivery of multi-format digital content for clients across the media industry, including major studios, independent content owners and OTT content delivery companies. Additional services we offer include Encoding/Transcoding, File Delivery, Screener Creation, M & E QC, Standards & Practices QC and Editing.

Digital Content Archival Services

Thanks to close association with the media industry, we truly understand the value of your content – and the importance of delivering industry-leading digital content archiving services for clients worldwide. This includes encoding of content for archival packages and LTO, through to the quality analysis of archival package contents, such as video, audio, subtitle, caption and metadata files.

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