Want quality? Want Veloce.

Veloce is delivered through a combination of our high-quality Central Assurance Framework (CAF),  built on open-source, cloud-based technologies, in combination with our software engineering focus, and defined ways of working. By using Veloce our clients benefit from:

  • Reduced costs of testing and QA, by as much as 65%
  • Reduced testing cycle times, from weeks to minutes
  • Reduced risk exposure by a factor of four or more
  • Increased flexibility with the right services at the right time
  • Accelerated capability by leveraging our expertise
  • Fast start – be up and running in minutes with low up-front investment.



The end-to-end test automation tool for any application, on any device.
The end-user experience is becoming increasingly important. The quality of your products and services determines whether your customers will remain loyal. To ensure you deliver the best possible quality, you need to test every aspect of your products in all possible circumstances.
Use a test automation tool that delivers a one-stop-solution for all different types of QA testing, from simple component tests to complex cross-device end-to-end user journeys. Meet testwizard.

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Veloce uses high-quality open-source tools which our most skilled engineers have built into a modular framework for assurance and testing. It is designed to support total-automation and covers key facets of QA and testing including functional automation, load and performance testing, and aspects of security like scanning and operations, for example resilience.
Veloce also incorporates platform services in recognition of the wider scope of methods like DevOps and the tools needed to implement CICD and other methods for total automation.

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