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End-to-end media content testing services are essential to ensure that media content is of the highest quality and meets the needs of consumers on a global scale. At Resillion, we offer comprehensive testing services to help the content industry perform better, faster, and more efficiently.

Our team of experts utilise our own cutting-edge QC workflow management platform to manage the QC and delivery process, enabling content owners to have a holistic view of their assets throughout the post-production process before their media content is enjoyed by consumers at home.

By leveraging our end-to-end media content testing services and quality control workflow management platform, content owners ensure their valuable assets are of the highest quality, meet compliance and technical requirements, are cross device and platform compatible, ultimately meeting the evolving needs of their global consumers.

Our Media Content Testing Services

Digital Mastering

Digital Mastering Services

Keep up with constantly evolving technical requirements with Resillion, whether you are a streaming service, motion picture studio, or an independent content producer. By using comprehensive and unbiased technical methodology to review your high source digital media, Resillion will ensure compliance with your delivery specifications, keep you in line with industry best practices, and meet your tight deadlines.

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Digital Restoration Services

Resillion offers complete digital image restoration services for film and video, allowing you to take care of all your archival, broadcast or home entertainment needs. Our team has over 20
years of experience and can tackle any type of film or video-based material to make it look good as new.

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Home Entertainment

From testing disc functionality and player compatibility on DVD, Blu-ray and UHD Blu-ray discs, to assessing subtitle translation accuracy and compression quality for the premiere global streaming services, we support you in achieving the optimum consumer experience.

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QC On Demand

The industry’s first cloud-based QC solution that delivers an innovative and elegant approach to QC challenges in an evolving industry. QC On Demand, developed to keep you in line with QC process. Pair industry-leading QC solutions with cutting-edge automation and workflow management tools at no extra cost.

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Benefits of working with us

QC on demand

QC On Demand

QC On Demand is the ability to monitor the project progress throughout the testing process. Current and past reports can be easily retrieved and downloaded.

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Both our Burbank and New York City facilities have been engineered for maximum efficiency and with innovation in mind. Some of our capabilities and tools include: 10G Pipe for Secure Data Transfer 16GB fiber SAN storage system HDR/Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, 4K/UHD, and 3D Transkoder, Clipster, Digital Rapids, and ProTools LTO 7 and 8

Security QC


Industry leaders in both digital and physical security, confirmed by multiple TPN, MPAA, CDSA, and major studio audits. Our security measures include isolated production networks, intrusion detection, multi-factor authentication for key production servers and platforms, controlled access to all production areas and 24×7 video surveillance.

Localization QC

Localization QC

With our skilled worldwide distributed workforce of localization QC experts, your dubbed and subtitled content is reviewed in the territory by native speakers, so you can be confident it will be optimised to the highest standard.


Post Production

Streamline your post-production process and complete projects sooner. From compliance edits of video and audio, transcoding, conforming of timed text files, archival packaging, and final file delivery, Resillion is here to help.

Our Clients

Our Content Services appeal to a specific range of companies within the Film/TV content industry, such as film studios, cable and satellite channels, streaming media providers and content library owners. A number of leading media companies have chosen to partner with us for their content testing and technical service needs, including (but not limited to):

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