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Our Resillion AI Partnering Strategy is designed to guide you through the world of AI, helping you to identify the specific benefits it can deliver across your whole delivery lifecycle. From Business Assurance to Software Assurance, Quality Engineering, Software Testing, Quality Intelligence and Cyber Security, our partnership works alongside you to ensure AI meets your unique business needs.

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Digital Transformation

Supporting digital transformation through testing and quality assurance. The partner of choice to accelerate your time to market, leveraging tools, people, and expertise.

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End-To-End Testing Services

Software Testing

World class quality assurance software testing company. Partnering with leading brands to deliver technological visions to market.

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Cyber Security Testing

Our experience, independency, locations and the range of services and engagement models make us a truly unique partner for your ever-changing and personalised demands for security.

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Device Testing

With our experience of delivering solutions for testing against multiple criteria we provide the best-in-class automated test tools for device conformance, functional testing, and performance testing.

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Media Content QC

Media Content QC

Digital content testing and quality control ensuring flawless media content for your audience.

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Industry Sectors

Resillion helps businesses like yours, every day.

Media & telecom

Media & Telecommunications

New technologies inevitably produce new problems. Smart TVs, apps, and associated devices are targets for cyber criminals keen to harvest personal information for their gain.

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Energy and utilities_block

Energy & Utilities

The increasing dominance of renewable sources, homes and businesses generating their own energy, plus electric vehicles becoming mainstream, is causing significant upheaval in the marketplace.

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Government & Public Sector

Resillion has vast experience delivering leading test and QA solutions for governmental frameworks, many high profile national and local governmental organisations, public sector, and not-for-profits, embrace and thrive in the new business and technology landscape.

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Finance and insurance_block

Finance & Legal

Give your customers confidence by taking security and quality seriously. From pen testing, to performance and load testing, to the education of your staff, we collaborate and build a thriving security culture within your organisation.

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Retail and online shopping_block

Retail & Online Shopping

As retailers and traders grow their online business, having dependable IT systems and software are key. Can you retail operations really deliver to your customers?

Retail & Online Shopping

Automotive & Mobility

Advances in electric and autonomous vehicle technology, on-board Internet connectivity, and greater governmental and legislative demands all bring new challenges.

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Information technology

Information Technology

Competition, speed of change and cyber attacks are all putting pressure on companies in the IT sector. Address the challenges and deliver quality by partnering with Resillion.

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Managed Testing Services

Embrace the connected, digital world. Deliver success through quality engineering, assurance and managed testing services.

Achieve quality outcomes with seamless integration, technical security, and industry compliance.

Proud to be trusted by leading organisations across the globe, delivering visions through quality engineering, assurance and testing.

Resillion – your strategic partner to take your devices, software, and media content to market.

Quality Engineering Services

Quality engineering services are essential for businesses that want to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and excellence.

These services involve a range of activities, such as testing, validation, and analysis, all aimed at ensuring that the final output meet or exceed customer expectations.

Quality engineering services can help businesses identify potential issues early on in the development process, reducing the risk of costly delays or product recalls.

Additionally, quality engineering services can help businesses improve their overall quality control processes, leading to more efficient production and higher-quality outputs.

By investing in quality engineering services, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and maintain a competitive edge in their industry.

Join Resillion's Channel Partner Program

A unique opportunity exists to join the Resillion Channel Partner Program now, since we are looking for a limited number of Channel Partners in Europe and the Middle East. Potential Channel Partners will be established ICT related companies with a Customer base in Cyber Security and/or Digital Testing.

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