What is Matter certification?

Certification grants tangible acknowledgement of compliance to the Connectivity Standards Alliance’s specification and shows interoperability in the respective programme.

The Matter certification scheme is built around the Matter specification, more information about the scheme can be found on the CSA website. When a product passes the certification, it shows that the product adheres to the and gives the consumer trust that it has been built to, and works with, Matter standards.

A Matter certification test/program runs on the provided by the CSA alliance. The test harness is build upon the separate conformance test specifications and checks for compliance to all separate supported clusters and features. Together with the CSA certification team, the authorised third-party test house will ensure the correctness of the testing to ultimately support the product manufacturer in getting the products certified.

Added Benefits of Matter certification

  • Interoperability: Official certification ensures that your device or product complies with the Matter standard, which means it can seamlessly communicate and work with other Matter-certified devices.
  • Quality Assurance: rigorous testing to ensure that the product meets expectations when it comes to performance, reliability and security.
  • Security: this is essential in the smart home environment. Having a secure product is key if you deal with personal data and smart home control.
  • Compliance with regulations: when your product obtains a certain certification, this means that it is meeting the industry standards. You offer a high-quality product to your end customers.
  • Better access to markets with your Matter certified product.
  • Increased consumer trust: Build trust with consumers by having a product that is secure and interoperable.
  • Ecosystem support: certification can help you to gain access to resources, developer tools and support from industry tech giants. You can meet them during the SVEs and Plugfests.
  • Competitive advantage: become one of the first certified companies way ahead of your competitors or comply to the same standard.

Our services include:

  • Matter Rapid Recertification Testing/Review
  • Manufacturer Training Programme
  • Basic device behaviour
    • Factory Reset
    • Commissioning
    • Re-join
    • Remove
    • Groups
    • OTA
  • Cluster Library (MCL)
    • On-Off
    • Level
    • Color
    • DoorLock
  • Resillion Extended Test Services
    • Interoperability with multiple eco-systems and/or other applications/devices
    • Performance & strength
    • Long term stability

Download the Matter Datasheet

How to get certified:

To get a product certified, the product manufacturer needs to take the following steps.

  1. Become a CSA member:
    Firstly, ensure you are a member of the CSA alliance. As a member you can request your Manufacturer ID or Vendor ID – these IDs will be unique and help to identify products made (or sold) by your company.
  2. Select the network transport:
    As Matter supports multiple transport layers, you will need to select one that fits the application of your product. Obtain certification of the relevant standard for your product before certifying your Matter product.
  3. Choose Resillion as the CSA authorised Testing Laboratory:
    Once these steps are taken, you can select a testing provider. We would like to help you test your devices.
  4. Send your products to our lab in Belgium or China:
    To contact us you can reach out to [email protected] and send your products to Resillion’s Certification lab together with all required documentation.
    Please note that a submission on the Connectivity Standards Alliance Certification Tool will also be required for the Certification Team to be able to review your product.
  5. Get ready to be certified!
    Resillion will now start the testing process and guide you through the certification program. Together with the client.
    After successfully completing the certification process, you will receive a formal certificate and you can start using the CSA certified logos. You will also receive a Certification Declaration blob file and a certified product record in the Distributed Compliance Ledger.

Get your product Matter certified today!

Resillion offers full Certification Testing for new products running Matter over all supported network layers (Wi-Fi, Thread, Ethernet). We can also support recertification of updated products under the CSA’s Matter Rapid Recertification Policy.

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Choosing Resillion as a CSA authorised third-party test house

Resillion is your one stop shop for QA. Resillion offers the full range of QA services ranging from software testing to hardware testing to cyber security. You can get full support on all aspects of QA. Resillion has supported the CSA Alliance since the first specification validation event ( SVE) for which the Hasselt lab was selected to host SVE#1 in Europe.

Soon after, Resillion became one of the first authorised testing providers to serve the CSA Members as an independent testing facility, expanding the Matter testing services to the APAC region and getting the Shenzhen facility accredited for Matter certification.
Resillion offers multiple services to complement the official Certification testing:

  • Pre-Certification
  • Rapid Recertification
  • Vendor Training program
  • Extended QA services


Pre-certification follows the same testing parameters as full certification, where the main difference between pre and full certification is the admin (which is excluded in pre-certification). Pre-certification enables vendors to deep-dive into their product’s compliance to the Matter specification, without having an obligation to the CSA.

Within the pre-certification stage, more in-depth testing and/or debugging on specific areas/clusters when needed can be performed, allowing you to gain more confidence in certain critical areas and help you understand where certain issue might be coming from.


Official Matter Certification follows the official Matter test specification and uses the official test harness. In this service, we will focus on the execution of the certification tests without a full deep dive on the issues found.

After a successful run, we will provide you with the report for review and once accepted, we will provide the official results to the CSA. Once the submission is completed, the CSA will review the results and check for any issues or incomplete data. We will support you by supplying any additional information when requested by the CSA.

Matter Test Events

Resillion is partnering with the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), to extend the CSA’s development, certification and promotion of IoT technology standards by hosting Europe’s first ‘Matter’ Specification and Validation event in 2022. Resillion was also chosen for a second time to host the Matter Specification and Validation event for 2023 covering Matter 1.2.

Resillion is a proud member of the Alliance and shares the vision of developing pioneering standards for IoT. We are honoured to hold this event for a second time, a clear sign of the confidence the Alliance has in Resillion.

Over two weeks, testing experts from across Europe together and started testing the new programs for Matter. Along with similar events in China and North America, these events are important in furthering the development of the new Matter standards and defining the certification and validation required for the first products released. It is also important for the preparation of the test labs for the initiation of the formal certification process.

Included in the Validation event was a two-day Plugfest, a dedicated session for the intensive testing of interoperability. For two intensive days, expert testers were able to test the interoperability of different IoT devices.

The event has allowed Resillion, the CSA and other partners to further develop the Matter standard and prepare for the certification and launch of secure, reliable and seamlessly integrated IoT devices.

Matter SVE

September 18-29, Hasselt (BE)

Resillion is partnering up with Connectivity Standards Alliance to host the Western-European Matter 1.2 Specification Validation Event (SVE).

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Matter Plugfest

Plugfest, a dedicated session for the intensive testing of interoperability.

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Get your product Matter certified today!

    Get your product Matter certified today!

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