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Resillion chosen by the Connectivity Standards Alliance to host Europe’s first Matter Specification Validation Event

Resillion is partnering with the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), to extend the CSA’s development, certification and promotion of IoT technology standards by hosting Europe’s first ‘Matter’ Specification and Validation event this Summer. Matter is the new, unifying IP-based connectivity protocol built on proven technologies to assist in the building of reliable, secure IoT ecosystems. Resillion is proud member of the CSA and shares the vision of developing class-leading standards for IoT. We are particularly proud to hold this event, a clear sign of the confidence CSA has in Resillion.

For two weeks, from 11th until 22nd July, testing experts from across Europe came together and started testing the new programs for Matter. Along with similar events in China and North America, these events are important in furthering the development of the new Matter standards and also defining the certification and validation required for the first products released. It is also important for the preparation of the test labs for the initiation of the formal certification process.

Included in the Validation event was a two-day a Plugfest, a dedicated session for the intensive testing of interoperability. For two, intensive days expert testers were able to test the interoperability of different IoT devices.

The event has allowed Resillion, the CSA and other partners further develop the Matter standard and prepare for the certification and launch of secure, reliable and seamlessly integrated IoT devices.

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