Matt Clarke, Resillion’s Head of Engineering, and Johan Gabriëls, one of our highly experienced Test Managers, delve into how to maximise QA to guarantee exceptional outcomes for your Digital Transformation programme, and meet your organisation’s ongoing business demands in synergy with assurance and time to market objectives.


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Where have all the testers gone?

Richard Mort, a senior consultant at independent Quality Assurance, (QA), testing and cyber security for software systems and devices company, Resillion, here explores the challenges faced by the testing industry as it navigates the global shortage in testers, and suggests key approaches to ensure organisations quality assurance remains a constant capability alongside software development.

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Scaling into infinity… Part I

The digital revolution has brought myriad exceptional benefits, but the one I’d like to focus on is the unifying force of shared common services; the idea that anyone, anywhere, with access to the internet can enjoy the same standard of service and, most critically, the same utility of service no matter their means or circumstance.

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